Sunday, 17 July 2011

Watch Top Gear S17E04 Online free Series 17, Episode 4

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Watch Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4 Series 17 Episode 4: Good evening friend, how are you doing everything you would expect in a state I'm fine, I'm here would not speak at length without proof, here I'll give a little story to warm you all the lovers and the TV series Top Gear which of course you all already know and expects his impressions.

Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4 Available !! we have the latest synopsis for the seventeenth season of Top Gear. Quite significantly, Rowan Atkinson will be making his first appearance on the show (presumably he will be promoting his latest flick Johnny English Reborn).

James was floating around the office yesterday regaling us with tales of his new Toy Stories train battle with the Germans (which is itself on this Sunday, BBC Two and BBC HD, 8pm).

And according to the newly shorn part-time fashion designer: “Well, there’s some affordable performance cars, some electric cars, some actual racing, some proper demolition, some silly cars, and Top Gear’s attempt to improve public transport, which I think is going to be absolutely brilliant.

“Did you see some of the clips on the Formula One last Sunday of us in the hot hatches going round the Monaco Grand Prix Circuit? That’s part of the new series, and that was great, very intimidating. I’m not very good at driving around tracks anyway, and if you get it wrong there you have a crash. I used to watch F1 a lot years ago and it felt really special for us to be allowed to go round it. That will be a good film.”

Unleash your excitement in the comments box below. And while you wait, here are some of your most-watched behind-the-scenes moments from series 16…