Friday, 15 July 2011

Watch Flashpoint S04E02 Online free Good Cop

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Airing date will be on the 15th of July 2011! Watch Flashpoint Season 4 Episode 2 Online!
Let’s plummet into an emotional journey of a television series and Watch Flashpoint Season 4 Episode 2 Online entitle, Good Cop at on July 15, 2011. Be enticed and enamored as the television series talks about a tear-jerky journey that follows and covers the lives of the members of the Strategic Response Unit or SRU as they try to figure out how to solve the worse hostage crisis, bust gangs, and incinerated defuse bombs. They work together as a strata by making use of their training to gain access to the heads and masterminds of these people to make them reach their breaking point, or flashpoint for that matter.

Here’s what happened last week. As the team tried to figure out who shot Ed, they found something peculiar about the suspect. Also, Sophie’s life was put at far risk because of laboring to have her baby, while she was at the hospital, her husband locks horns with fate at surgery. The next episode tells about a cop who shots and kills a lad who is declared innocent. There will be rioting crowds this time and a father who loses all hope when his son dies.