Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Watch South Park - S015E07 Megavideo Online Free You’re Getting Old 7 june 2011

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Watch South Park Season 15 Episode 7: You’re Getting Old Online – The City Sushi episode is over yet another episode is going to entertain the South Park Elementary. After of the last week episode wherein Butters has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, everyone’s tried to help him. Well, Butters angle has been miss in a sort by the viewers, but the all out fun still enclosed in the whole series of South Park and the steam is getting higher and hotter for more upcoming episodes. It is kinda a parody of the film “Paranormal Activity”, on which Butters encounter himself on a situation of having a disorder on his character, specifically, his personality.

Well, coming this Wednesday night is a brand new episode from the guys, it is South Park Season 15 Episode 7: You’re Getting Old which focus on Stan. The episode title is no longer odd to everyone, if we happened to encounter such term like old, it specifies age. Yeah, someone in the guys, will celebrate his birthday, and it is Stan. I’ll just ask a question to you guys, have you wander, what will you do next after, a number has been added on your age? Well, probably, some of you will answer me, that nothing will change. But if you’re going to ask me, many changes will takes place to an individual everytime his/here age increased. It only suggest that more responsibility is coming and you should grown up and mature because you’re no longer a child. But that was not the basis of the world we are living right now. And back to the topic, Stan begins to change something on his self, he start on looking the world he was evolving in different perspective and that makes him seems like excluded from other boys in the school. Meanwhile, a new craze had just got entered the South Park Elementary, and do you know what is it? It’s a “tween music” and it’s sweeping through the school, are the guys can cope up with this new craze?

Try to take a look and watch South Park Season 15 Episode 7, and witness another stunning yet superb funny episode from your fav comedy show every Wednesday night. Better for you guys to invite your friends on watching, who knows, both of you might like the new craze as well. If it happens that this tween music hit the world, it could probably made you guys, feel the all out laughing moment from the boys of the South Park.