Tuesday, 14 June 2011

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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek KahaaniPiya has always been a different girl - different because even at her age, she has a mind of her own. She is not the kind to get lost in a crowd. She never cares about fitting in with trends and fads. Unlike other girls of her age, she is averse to love. She has a very strong reason for being like that, she had a past that not too many people know of. However, life has something else in store for her. Destiny embarks her on a different journey altogether. She gets a scholarship and moves to Dehradun to pursue her degree.
Amidst the chilly dense forests of Dehradun, Piya meets Abhay, a strikingly handsome boy who sweeps her off her feet, literally and metaphorically. However, Abhay’s mysterious disposition raises questions in Piya’s mind. He is a recluse and very unlike other boys his age. However, he has a charm that draws Piya towards him and makes her feel connected to him. She gets the unmistakable feeling that Abhay decidedly does not want to get too close to her, and she does not know why. However, in time the heart wins over, and they both fall passionately in love. In spite of the passion and connection, a queer love it is. Abhay has something to hide.
Abhay is not ‘human’ and Piya is the soul mate he has been waiting for ages. Piya knows about this secret. The closer they get, the more Abhay must struggle to resist his primal instinct. He himself is the biggest hazard to the love of his life. But Abhay overcomes his primal instinct to save Piya from his evil brother. Somehow or the other, they will have to manage their impossible love.
Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahani thus unfolds as a contemporary and visceral Romeo-Juliet story of the ultimate forbidden love – an affair between a non-human and a mortal. They say love is dangerous, but it couldn’t get as dangerous and even fatal as this!