Thursday, 9 June 2011

Watch iCarly - S04E11 Megavideo Online Free iParty with Victorious

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iCarly will comes back for tomorrow night, that’s iCarly s04e11 with title as “iParty with Victorious.” Certainly this will be one episode of the most eagerly awaited by the fans of iCarly from around the world. Because of this episode seems to consist of 3 parts: season 4 episode 11, episode 12 and episode 13. And 90 minutes is the schedule that had been established by a team of producers for this special episode. Alright, I will try to publish here the original plot for this most anticipated episode. Carly is dating a boy named Steven who splits up his time between his unmarried parents who sleep in Seattle and Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Tori is also passing time with her new young man who, stranger to Tori, is the very same boy Carly is ascertaining. In the meantime, at Hollywood Arts, Andre is psyched out because Kenan Thompson has offered to let him bedevil a small party in his amazing new home but the party spirals out of control once Rex sends a mass tweet. Well, I’ll give a little glimpse of the ending story of iCarly s04e11 iParty with Victorious. In the meantime, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby get along with Robbie, Rex, Andre, Cat and Trina. Sikowitz, Spencer, Beck, and Jade make relaxed in Kenan’s hot bathing tub. And Sam challenges Rex to a lyrical rap combat.

The iCarly and Hollywood Arts crew will also sing “Leave It All To Shine,” a mash-up of “Leave It All To Me” and “Make It Shine.” Finally, watch iCarly s04e11 iParty with Victorious online full episode video below. Have a nice day!