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TV Show: The Greatest Love (literal title)
Revised romanization: Choigowei Sarang
Hangul: 최고의 사랑
Director: Park Hong-Kyun, Lee Dong-Yoon
Writer: Hong Mi-Ran, Hong Jeong-Eun
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: May 4, 2011
Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


"The Greatest Love" depicts a comical love story between a popular actor and a washed up former pop idol.

10 years ago, girl group "Kukbo Sonyeo" was a top girl group, but 18 months later the group held a press conference announcing their breakup. Since that time, vocalist Ku Ae-Jung (Kong Hyo-Jin) went through many difficulties. She released a solo album, but the album flopped. Rumors also swirled around her.

Now 10 years later, Ku Ae-Jung is unknown to most of the public, but she attempts to revive her career by appearing on any TV programs to support her family.

Meanwhile, top actor Dok Ko-Jin (Cha Seung-Won) is considered by the public as the perfect man, who is also sexy and humble. In actuality, Dok Ko-Jin is an arrogant man and down right mean. By chance, Dok Ko-Jin and Ku Ae-Jung crosses paths at a gas station. Ku Ae-Jung stands next to his decked out van, while Dok Ko-Jin is still sitting in the van. She becomes curious who might be in the van and peers into the heavily tinted windows, but is unable to see anything. Dok Ko-Jin sees her trying to peer through the window and believing she is a fan of his, grabs her arm their a partially opened window and autographs his cyrptic signature onto her palm. He then has his driver drive off without identifying himself to Ku Ae-Jung.

By chance, Dok Ko-Jin and Ku Ae-Jung meet again in the lobby of a TV broadcasting company. Through a series of mishaps, Ku Ae-Jung finds herself hiding in Dok Ko-Jin's dressing room and overhears a conversation between Dok Ko-Jin and his manager. She learns that Dok Ko-Kin had his eardrum ruptured during a shooting scene and he wasn't picked for a coveted movie role, even though he bribed the director with an expensive bottle of wine. On her way out of his dressing room, she bumps into Dok Ko-Jin and when he autographs his name on her scarf she makes the realization that he was the arrogant star at the gas station.

Ku Ae-Jung then attempts to appear on the variety TV show "Sebakwi" and lies to the staff that she can call the famous actor Dok Ko-Jin during the show's speed quiz segment. Ku Ae-Jung then asks Dok Ko-Jin to take her call but he refuses, but when the show airs he changes his mind and actually takes her phone call. Unfortunately for both, Ku Ae-Jung accidentally reveals his secrets that she overheard in his dressing room ...