Thursday, 9 June 2011

Watch Camelot - S01E10 Megavideo Online Free Reckoning

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Camelot Season 1 Episode 10: Reckoning

Watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 10: Reckoning Online – The last week episode which is entitled “The Battle of Bardon Pass”, continues to bring about the series of Camelot for more actions, romance and suspense as well. Arthur was determine to protect himself and his man on the battle, so that he will be able to return alive and became the king of Brits. Definitely, this battle is fight between him to protect himself against the missionaries on Bardon Pass, but in a process Morgan is making her way to take the throne from Arthur. I know that all of you guys, is waiting and excited about the season finale of Camelot, and this one is really something that can’t simply miss. If you can still remember, another series from starz, which is the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, have the same episode title with this episode, and it happen that both of the episode were season finale. It kinda suggest, that “reckoning” is a term wherein, everything must be settle, and eventually falls into the denouement of the series.
And to watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 10, is something that will add some ideas on your mind about the journey of King Arthur, for this episode is the final in the show, yet more exciting details is approaching that will spice up you knowledge about the legend of Camelot. And we should expect for more suspense and thrilling moment while spending our Friday night with the season finale of Camelot. []  The battle and journey may end, but the prowess and deeds that King Arthur had did will remain eternal, if you happen to have knowledge about the legend, then you should not miss this, for this episode will bring the legend in different perspective, making it flow in unusual way.
This is the final moment we will going to see Eva Green as the treacherous Morgan Le Fay, as well as Joseph Fiennes playing the role of mysterious Merlin. Camelot had put Tamsin Edgerton in pedestal when she portrayed the beautiful Guinevere, and she truly did a great job. Of course, my idol, Peter Mooney who played Sir Kay, is another story that I am looking forward for his next project. And Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur, it has been over, but his portrayal of eternal King Arthur is such amazing, and he truly expose his prowess in acting in this series. I know that many fans of Camelot will surely miss this, but one thing is sure, they all surely watch Camelot Season 1 Episode 10 online or in their TV screen. For this is the final chance for all of them to witness these stars playing those legendary characters that they portrayed. This generation of Camelot is going to unfold, yet the eternal flame of love and power continues in the next generations of Camelot fanatics