Saturday, 11 June 2011

Live Watch Denmark vs Switzerland UEFA Under 21 Championship Live Streaming Online – 11th June 2011

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The first three editions of the Olympic football event in 1900-1906 had an unofficial status, as the event was not yet open for national football teams to compete,Denmark vs Switzerland. and only had limited participation of three or four club teams from a few nations.Denmark vs Switzerland. Denmark had no club team invited in the 1900 Olympics and the1904 Olympics, but then received a special invitation for the 1906 Olympics,Denmark vs Switzerland. to compete against 1 Greek club team (Athens) and 2 club teams from the Ottoman Empire (Smyrna and Thessaloniki).Denmark vs Switzerland. The team to represent Denmark was compiled of players from the Copenhagen Football Association(KBU), and they managed to win the event,Denmark vs Switzerland. and thereby an unofficial gold medal.Denmark vs Switzerland. Two years later, in the first official football tournament at the 1908 Olympics,Denmark vs Switzerland. Denmark won a silver medal. At the next1912 Olympics the team again managed to win a silver medal, which was followed by a golden era from April 1914 until April 1920, Denmark vs Switzerland.with Denmark ranked most of the time as nr.1 in the world by the elo ranking.Denmark vs Switzerland.

Although Denmark figured fairly prominently in the pre-World Cupera,Denmark vs Switzerland. international success would elude them for years from the first World Cup in 1930 and forward.Denmark vs Switzerland. Despite the country’s ability to produce outstanding football talents, DBU only had ambition (or economy) to let the national team play friendly matches and the regional tournament Nordic Championship,Denmark vs Switzerland. during the time from October 1920 until June 1948. When DBU decided to increase the ambitions a bit,Denmark vs Switzerland. and allowed the national team to start contesting the Olympics again,Denmark vs Switzerland. this promptly resulted in a bronze medal at the 1948 Olympics.Denmark vs Switzerland. After the team only reached the quarter-final at the 1952 Olympics,Denmark vs Switzerland. DBU however decided not to contest the next 1956 Olympics.Denmark vs Switzerland. As football remained an amateur pastime,Denmark vs Switzerland. most of the best Danish footballers moved abroad to make a living,and due to DBU enforcing the rule,Denmark vs Switzerland. to bar all professionals from the national team, it started to become difficult to assemble a highly competitive team.Denmark vs Switzerland.