Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Balika Vadhu 7 June 2011 Free Full Episode

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Balika Vadhu is a Color Television production based on the theme of child marriage. The show revolves around a rich family of rural Rajasthan whose head is Kalyani Devi. She is a widow having two sons Vasant and Bhairav, Vasant’s first wife died before the delivery of their first child. After that he married a much younger girl Gehna. Sumitra is the wife of Bhairav and they have two children Jagdish a boy and Suguna a girl. The show Balika Vadhu is full of drama; new characters are introduced frequently with a new twist in the story. It seems that the producers are planning to make it a never ending soap opera.
Brief Introduction To The Characters

Kalyani Devi – the central character of the story is a widow and the head of the family. She is a very strong and egoist lady who is ready to fight with almost anyone and anything whoever comes to eye on her family.

The role has been played by the famous TV artist Surekha Sikri.

Vasant – he is known as the elder son of Kalyani Devi but later on it was revealed that he is actually son of Mahavir Singh, brother in law of Kalyani Devi. Vasant is an introvert character and very fond of his mother Kalyani Devi. Vasant was very frustrated after the death of his first wife. Then Gehna came to his life as his second wife but due to the huge age difference Gehna denied to accept Vasant and tried to keep herself away from her husband which she could not succeed. She was also irritated with the ill behavior of Kalyani Devi and never tried to hide her disgrace. Vasant used to take his mother’s side initially but later on knowing that Gehna was carrying his child, his behavior started being soften towards Gehna.
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Bhairav – the secondson (actually the only son) of Kalyani Devi is a man of strong personality andidealism. He was against the age old custom of child marriage but somehow couldnot succeed to protect his own children. Both his children were married inchildhood. Kalyani Devi brought Anandi, the Balika vadhu of Jagdish to theirHaweli (Palace). Bhairav could not stop the marriage of his daughter Sugunaalso but decided not to send her to in laws till she become matured.

The role of Bhairav is played by Anup Soni.

Gehna – the secondwife of Vasant was the most beautiful lady of the family and having a very strongpersonality. Although she was reluctant to accept Vasant at first but later onshe falls in love with him.

The role is played by the beautiful young star Neha Marda. Belongingto the Marwari Marda family, Neha is a native of Kolkatta (West Bengal). Withan active interest in Acting as well as Dancing, Neha has also won 3consecutive Boogie Woogie Dancing Compition on Sony Channel when she was 17, 18and 19, respectively. She is havinggreat interest in dancing and has learnt Bharat Natyam for nine years andKathak for seven years, along with several other dancing arts.

Sumitra – wife of Bhairav and playing the role of a responsible daughter in law of Kalyani Devi not neglecting the role of mother and mother in law of her children as well as son in law and daughter in laws. The role of Sumitra is played by the beautiful TV actress Smita Bansal.